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Preserve Rhode Island’s Strategic Plan

In 2022 our board and staff have been hard at work on a new Strategic Plan that will guide our work for the next several years. We interviewed and polled a variety of stakeholders, community leaders, preservationists and historians to better understand both the opportunities and where our help is needed most. Thanks to all of you who helped shape this plan.


While the plan is not a radical departure from our current mission, it does shift emphasis and priorities, and will require additional investments and resources to achieve our goals. We know that historic preservation creates positive change--making the environment, our diverse communities, and the economy better for people who live, work and visit here.


While Preserve RI has had many successes over the years, there is still much more to do as outlined in our restated mission: To protect and activate historic places for the benefit of all Rhode Islanders. We encourage you to read our plans for the future and invite you to join with us to extend to benefits of historic preservation to all Rhode Island communities.

Click the image below to view the full plan.

2022 PRI Strategic Plan Pg 1.jpg
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