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Responding to the needs of over 80 stewards of Rhode Island's historic sites, PRI created a network of colleagues who share common challenges in sustaining historic places that are open to the public.

The preservation of historic sites presents a stewardship and fundraising challenge for organizations that have little staff or are operated entirely by volunteers. Many historic sites operate independently, unaware of the ventures of neighboring sites, even as they face similar challenges with visitation, funding, programming and staffing. Established in 2007, the goal of this Coalition is to bring together stewards of historic sites from around the state and to encourage cross-promotion, sharing of resources, and exchanging ideas and best practices to advance their sustainability.

The Historic Sites Coalition of Rhode Island E-mail Listserv


The HSCRI listserv was created to encourage communication between members. It allows members to engage in quick, easy conversations and share questions, thoughts, resources, and activities. Preserve Rhode Island also shares news, resources and information with coalition members.

To join the HSCRI listserv, please send an e-mail to Emma Sheridan at

Once you join, you are welcome to share your events, resources or pose questions to the group by sending an email to

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