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"CPR" for Rhode Island's historic places

No matter what the preservation concern or challenge, PRI can begin a conversation to help set plans in motion and guide you to appropriate resources and approaches.


When PRI is contacted with a preservation issue, we often look to gather more information by scheduling a site visit, which helps us understand the issues and make a connection with the people involved. We also give preservation advice, referrals, easement guidance, and can publicly advocate for historic places.


For your reference, we have created a collection of common challenges our communities face and resources on best practices.

How We Respond

As the statewide advocate for historic places, PRI’s participation in community preservation issues is guided by several principles and considerations, and our limited staff and financial resources often influence our ability to participate in an issue. We must ensure that participation is strategically sound based on:


  • Available background facts and information

  • Amount of time available to lead to a successful outcome

  • Whether PRI’s participation would favorably influence the outcome


Additionally, a project must:


  • Include an identifiable threat to an historic place.

  • Raise identifiable preservation concerns that are relevant to Rhode Island’s history and character.

  • Align with PRI’s preservation mission to protect and celebrate Rhode Island’s historic places for generations to come.

  • Have a defined and sustainable financial risk.


Please contact us for more information or with your preservation issues at

Click the images below to read our letters in support of historic places and communities that are working to protect their historic resources.
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