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Approaching Common Challenges

Demolition by Neglect

Demolition by neglect is typically defined as the process by which property owners actively avoid maintaining their historic properties, allowing them to increasingly deteriorate due to proactive neglect.

Preserving Family Properties

Historic properties owned by generations of one family can be some of the most challenging but rewarding types of resources to work to preserve. Deciding about the future of what are often cherished properties is sometimes referred to “succession” planning, and the effort can involve many members of a family, extended family, attorneys, accountants, and others who can advise on the options available to property owners.

Organizations at Crossroads

In the past two decades, the situation facing some historic sites has become dire. Historic house museum stewards usually face difficult decisions when it comes to planning for the long-term preservation of their historic buildings.

Organizing to Save Places

Owning a historic property is the best way be sure that it is preserved. But what do you do if you want to preserve a historic place that isn’t yours to control?

Selecting Your Historic Building Team

Projects on historic buildings are unique to each property and location, but one constant is the need for expert help to ensure a successful result, especially for larger and more complicated projects.

External Links for General Research Reference

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