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Approaching Common Challenges

Demolition Delay Bylaws

A Demolition Delay Bylaw can be a very effective tool in helping to protect historically significant resources. While a demolition bylaw, alone, cannot prevent demolitions, the opportunity of delaying a demolition can often have a positive outcome.

Preserving Family Properties

"Succession Planning" or decisions regarding the future of what are often cherished family properties is key in ensuring the preservation of some of our most important historic resources.

Organizing to Save Places

Owning a historic property is the best way be sure that it is preserved. But what do you do if you want to preserve a historic place that isn’t yours to control?

Additional Sources

With a wealth of resources online, our team has curated a selection of useful links that cover a variety of preservation topics.

Climate Change & Disaster Planning

Preserve RI has compiled a collection of resources related to this topic that not only addresses the realities of global climate issues and their effect on historic resources, but also how to prepare for the variety of natural disasters that we now experience more regularly. 

Organizations at Crossroads

In the past two decades, the situation facing some historic sites has become dire. Historic house museum stewards usually face difficult decisions when it comes to planning for the long-term preservation of their historic buildings.

Demolition by Neglect

Demolition by neglect is typically defined as the process by which property owners actively avoid maintaining their historic properties, allowing them to increasingly deteriorate due to proactive neglect.

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