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Customized property management and planning services  non-profits need to maintain their historic assets

What's Included

Working with local non-profits, Preserve Rhode Island develops a scope of work that is tailored to the needs of each property and level of oversight desired by the property owner. A customized checklist informs weekly, bi-weekly or monthly walk-throughs that monitor property conditions and helps to advise the property owner on early interventions to fix problems before they develop. An annual report is generated to summarize the preceding year and provide advice on project and budget priorities for the upcoming year.


Additional services may include management of landscaping vendors, oversight of HVAC service contracts, on-call response to security and fire alarms, development and monitoring of annual maintenance plans, capital project management, and snow removal oversight.


Fee Structure

A quarterly fee is assessed in exchange for services and is based on the agreed upon scope of work for the contracted year.


Stewardship Properties


Learn More

For more information, contact Paul Trudeau, Preservation Director by email or call 401-272-5101 ext. 206

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