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One of the most complex and enduring debates in preservation is windows - repair vs. replace, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appearance are just some of the issues property owners are faced with. The best first step is getting educated on the benefits of preserving your old windows and when replacement is the right choice. These resources provide a comprehensive overview.

Energy Efficiency and Green Technology
Hazardous Building Materials

As technologies rapidly advanced over the last century and building materials were not subject to strict safety regulations, many historic buildings have remnants of hazardous products that ultimately need to be removed or remediated. Below are some examples of best practices for addressing common hazardous materials.

Substitute and Synthetic Materials

In recent decades, many advancements have been made in construction materials, but not all are the right fit for historic buildings. While sometimes useful when making repairs, other applications can have varied impacts – from loss of architectural character to unwanted moisture – and must be considered carefully. Follow the links below for a variety of examples and guidelines.

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Masonry and Mortar
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