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Exploring History Through Guided Tours of Lippitt House Museum

"The Lippitt House is a must see when in Providence, Rhode Island,” noted a recent visitor. Nestled on historic College Hill, Lippitt House Museum is a ‘hidden’ attraction—it is one of the few historic houses in the city that you can tour inside. Stepping through the doors is like stepping back in time. A National Historic Landmark, Lippitt House boasts one of the best-preserved interiors in America offering an authentic glimpse into another era.

Grandeur Preserved

One cannot help but marvel at the craftsmanship showcased within the walls of Lippitt House. Ornate woodwork, elaborate painted decorative walls and ceilings, and elegant furnishings reflect the skilled hands of many craftsmen. The meticulous preservation efforts ensure that every detail—from the intricate parquetry floors to the colorful stained-glass windows—remains for visitors to enjoy today. 

An Intimate Tour Experience

Lippitt House offers intimate tours, in small groups, guided by knowledgeable staff. Sharing stories, photos, and historical research, staff weave together narratives about the influential Lippitt family and the servants who lived and worked in the house. This engaging history is put in the broader socio-cultural context of 19th-century Providence and America. Visitors leave not only with an appreciation for the stunning Victorian design, but also with a deeper understanding of the people and forces that shaped the era.

A Journey for All

Lippitt House Museum welcomes visitors of all ages and backgrounds. With affordable admission prices and free entry for SNAP/EBT cardholders, the museum strives to make history accessible to everyone. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a lover of architecture, or simply curious about the past, a guided tour of Lippitt House Museum promises an unforgettable experience.

Plan Your Visit

Visit to book your ticket now. Private tours can be booked for people who are not able to make regularly scheduled tours. Capacity is limited, so advance reservations are recommended.

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