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  • Jenna D’Alessandro, Intern

A High Schooler's Perspective on Lippitt House Museum

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

My name is Jenna D’Alessandro. I am 17 years old and I am in my Junior year of high school. I volunteered at Lippitt House Museum this summer because I personally love to do photography and look at pieces of art at museums. I was excited to learn about the opportunity to volunteer at this museum because I am interested in the history and the art the museum holds.

When I first started middle school, everyday, I passed the Lippitt Museum and it always caught my eye. I learned quite a lot about the museum from volunteering and the parts of the museum that I was able to photograph were an amazing and new experience. It not only helped me develop my photography skills but it also allowed me to learn quite a bit of history about Providence that I never even knew. Did you know that the Henry Lippitt house is one of the best preserved Victorian mansions in the USA? Because I definitely did not.

I helped by taking photographs of the interior and exterior of the museum. I also dusted and cleaned beautiful marble statues that can be found throughout the house. Here is a couple of the photos I was able to take of the Lippitt House. Photography and art are my passion and to get the opportunity to take pictures for the museum and work with the marble statues is an honor.

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