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An innovative stewardship model for non-profits and municipalities that saves vacant and underutilized historic properties. 

The Building Curatorship Program is a stewardship model where a residential tenant agrees to undertake the rehabilitation of a property, through sweat equity and/or personal finances, in lieu of rent. A tenant can be an individual, non-profit organization, or a business. A scope of work defines the work to be completed and the approximate cost to the tenant. The tenant agrees to complete the work within the term of the lease, which can range from 5 – 30 years. PRI provides oversight to ensure the tenant stays on schedule and that work adheres to preservation standards.


Preserve Rhode Island partners with property owners to:

  • Evaluate the feasibility of a curatorship program for their property

  • Conduct a building needs assessment including cost estimates

  • Prepare a fund development plan

  • Manage construction projects to make the property habitable for a tenant

  • Recruit and recommend selection of qualified tenant

  • Draft legal documents

  • Oversee tenant's work to rehabilitate the property during their occupancy


Mowry House Case Study 

Check out our Building Curatorship at the Mowry House, a Smithfield Land Trust property. 


Have a property in mind?

Get in touch with our Preservation Director Paul Trudeau by email or call 401-272-5101 ext. 206

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