Pawtuxet Rangers leading the procession at the Rhody Awards
Video from the Rhody Awards
Education Award 

Pawtuxet Rangers

The Pawtuxet Rangers are community leaders in Pawtuxet Village who interpret Rhode Island’s military and community history and steward the company’s 1843 armory.

“Hip, hip, huzzah!” The Pawtuxet Rangers’ rallying cry reflects the group’s enthusiasm for its mission. Chartered as a militia in 1774 to protect the village of Pawtuxet, the Pawtuxet Rangers were reestablished in 1972 by a group of living history enthusiasts. Today, the group retains its historical role as an independent chartered command for the State of Rhode Island while also participating in parades, reenactments, historical exhibits, educational programming, and community service projects. The Rangers are dedicated stewards of their historic armory, built in 1843, and have supervised numerous preservation and interpretive projects in the building, including an installation related to the burning of the Gaspee and a timeline of Pawtuxet’s history. Established to protect Pawtuxet from war or rebellion, the Rangers today protect the village’s history and preserve the stories of generations of militia members that came before.

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