​Preserve Rhode Island and The Preservation Society of Newport County have hired Transom Historic Preservation Consulting to complete five barn and outbuilding assessments in Middletown and Portsmouth. Michael Cuba of Transom HPC spent a week on the island conducting field visits at a variety of properties, both private and non-profit, to meet with property owners, collect measurements, take photographs and take notes. PRIl and PSNC were also out in the field visiting each property to connect Michael with owners, participate in evaluations, and expand their own knowledge of historic barn construction.


Through a narrative description, photographs and drawings, Michael will create a report for each property owner that includes a conditions assessment and prioritized and phased recommendations with cost estimates. Whether planning for basic maintenance or for a major rehabilitation project, these reports will provide guidance to property owners and support the preservation of these iconic agricultural buildings. 

This pilot project is generously funded by the van Beuren Charitable Foundation.